Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Violent Females

Raising children poses many challenges. With two boys, I make special efforts to assure they don't bully, fight, etc. But the greatest challenge I've faced in this realm is teaching my youngest daughter not to hit.

As a youngster, I often heard that boys don't hit girls but girls can hit boys. My daughter recites the same beatitude. Any time one of her brothers makes the typically teasing brotherly remark, she quickly tried to punch or backhand them.

Many women don't seem to grow out of this. The other day, while I cut the tops off strawberries, a female co-worker began to instruct me on how I should be cutting the tops. I told her the only thing I was worried about was my ear drums wearing out. Smack on the shoulder.

Frequently, a group at work plays cards during the lunch hour. One female in the group often slaps any man sitting next to her if he beats her in a hand or makes a quip she doesn't like. While most women at my work keep their hands to themselves, during the over seven years I've worked there a male has never hit, slapped, smacked me in any manner.

DrHelen posted Sunday about a confrontation in a bar between a man and a woman and the woman's husband's reaction to it. Her posted a tribute to the event on his blog with picture and all.

Later, apparently fearing he has portrayed his wife as a maneater, he posted again featuring a picture of his wife serving a scrumptious looking turkey dinner. Is that sexist?

As is noted by Vox Day and acknowledged by the husband, it's all "a bit silly". Essentially the story involved a confrontation between a woman and a drunk man or maybe a drunk woman and a drunk man. But the comments at DrHelen fascinated me, lots of anger and hostility. I enjoyed baiting one commenter.

I do wish people would work as hard at teaching females not to hit as males.

Can anyone out there give me some *Numerical KRS Section* or a court case about being able to legally shoot a physically abusive spouse in the state of Kentucky.

I swear I read a case about this, but can not find it currently.

You're quite right in saying that violence by a woman against a man is considered cute. It is a dangerous way to think.

I don't know of such a case but ex-Gov. Brereton Jones commuted the sentences of several women who had done so during his last days in office. One woman, in Louisville, had hired a hit man to kill her husband who was a policeman. She never claimed abuse until after she was convicted. Since this occured before the Internet was big, details are hard to find on the Net.
Do you think that women will also lie to the police to hurt a man? It has become all too common for a woman, scorned or otherwise, to cry "rape" or file false report against a man. Ask the Duke lacrosse team.
I noticed quite a lot of dishonest dodging and distortion on the part of commneters to that thread who tried to defend the woman's behavior. They trotted all the old tricks - the accusations that it was all an attempt to blame women for trying defend themselves, an accusation that commenters were condemning a woman for not being ladylike, an attempt to equate simple touching in the instance under discussion with an actual rape attempt, an worst of all, an attempt to equate a threat made with a baseball bat to "bruising men's sensitive egos".

It was really the verbal equivalent of the same double standard and sense of entitlement. Very girlish and childish. Very patronizing towards women, really, and mostly coming from women.
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