Sunday, September 24, 2006


Look At These!

In a desperate attempt to bolster traffic on my blog I've decided to post pictures of breasts and discuss breasts. I've noticed that at DrHelen's the slightest suggestion of breasts garners tons of traffic. In fact in the post just linked, DrHelen did not mention breast at all, just a group picture in which one woman had breasts that many men found attractive.

Posting about "boobies" last October, DrHelen received 6000 hits in 30 minutes. That's about how many I receive in a year. What to do? Post about breasts.

Being divorced and not currently dating, I don't have easy access to a nice pair of breasts. Through diligence and hard work, I found a hot chick with a nice pair of juicy breasts. You can see them below. In fact, I found them so irresistible I couldn't keep my lips off of them. Film at 11:00.

Simply by having those words in your post will result in thousands of hits from search engines. Be prepared to pay for an increase in your bandwidth. BTW, I had my hands and mouth all over a nice rack--of ribs.
you got my attention!
Nice breasts, by the way....
LOL Good one! You will get more hits ...

you could try this a chick with 2 big knockers...
;-).. this will work too
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