Saturday, September 30, 2006


I Never Thought... or Is It a Conspiracy?

Stopping at my favorite gas station this afternoon, I found something I never expected to see again, gas priced below $2.00. While filling my tank for less than $30, I took this picture for posterity. It's not quite the 14 cents per gallon I once paid for Amoco premium when I was a teenager but it's a lot better than $3 plus.

Of course, anyone with any sense knows the low price of gas right now is the result of a conspiracy. Two primary plots easily strike the mind. First, the American auto makers are stuck with lots of gas guzzling SUVs, etc. The oil companies, knowing this and wanting to "help" the auto companies, lower the price of gas to where buying and driving a gas hog doesn't seem too formidable.

The American auto manufactures are bailed out and buy time to build more efficient cars. A few months or a year down the road, oil companies raise prices again and make a killing selling gas to all these suckers that just bought an SUV. I'm buying oil company stock first thing Monday.

The other possibility lies in the up coming election. Common knowledge tells us that the Republican Party is the party of large corporations. Republicans suck up to corporate America at every opportunity. Republicans care about corporate American more than anything. Republicans steal from the poor and give to the rich.

In return, the oil companies are lowering prices to fool the American public into thinking things are better. The oil companies lower prices hoping to attract as many votes to Republicans as possible. Then, BAM, prices go back up and the oil companies make record profits again. Last year President Bush created Hurricanes Katrina and Rita to boost oil prices. Now, the oil companies are returning the favor.

If you believe any of this conspiracy crap, your probably a Democrat or worse.

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