Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Our System Fails, Another Child Dies

Few things make me sadder than the murder of a young child who never got a chance.
Investigators said Fiesel was left in a closet for two days while the Carrolls attended a family reunion in Kentucky.

"Marcus was wrapped in a blanket and wrapped in tape with his arms behind him," Deters said. "This was not the first time it had happened."

Fiesel was dead when the Carrolls returned to the Union Township home on Aug. 6, Deters said. David Carroll then allegedly took the body to a chimney in Brown County and burned it.

Georgetown police told News 5 that the remains were discovered Monday night on an 88-acre estate in Lewis Township.

"They were committed to covering this crime up. They went back repeatedly to burn the body," Deters said.
Most of us are wondering how these people became foster parents. The placing agency founder made some statements.
Just like the thousands of people who searched for Fiesel, Lifeway for Youth founder and executive director Michael Berner said he was fooled by the Carrolls' double life.

Berner said his private foster agency placed Fiesel with the family because of their experience with children. Liz Carroll was even a certified day-care provider.

The couple had no criminal history or medical problems that concerned Lifeway.

"They had a public persona and a life they lived privately, and they were astute at keeping those lives separate," Berner said. "On the surface, this looked like a good opportunity for Marcus, where he could have a stable, good environment."
However, a sub-heading in the article states "Numerous Complaints Filed Against Lifeway".

Tragically, preventing such vicious crimes is probably impossible. But, more vigorous enforcement of regulations and closer supervision is needed.

Of course, Marcus Fiesel fails to fit the MSM profile for lost, killed children worthy of attention. He will never get a mention on Nancy Grace or the like. I wonder who will remember him a year from now.


its just a boy, and we all know boys are just rapists, so doesnt matter if one boy dies, it means women will be safe..

(sarcasm mode off)


When the statisticians first added up the numbers, they found a big hole in the figures: there were a million fewer people than they had expected from the population estimates.

Most of the missing were young men in their 20s, 30s and 40s. It meant that for the first time in nearly a century, there were more women than men throughout the population

now if this was women vanishing, there would be a uproar.

but its only men
Sadly, I have to agree with mercurior. A boy died ... "it's not as if a real human died." It's not as if a real human --a female-- died.

The same thing applies to the missing.

What a strange new world we have ...
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