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Killer Women

DrHelen posted earlier today concerning Mary Winkler. Winkler killed her preacher husband earlier this year. Winkler and her attorney have found a new and creative defense. Winkler and her attorney claim "she had been verbally and emotionally abused by her husband".

Gosh, I've never heard that claim before except for maybe every other woman who killed or attempted to kill her husband, boyfriend, children, neighbors, parents, talk show host, etc. If the "O.J." in O.J. Simpson stood for Ophelia Janine and Nicole was Nicholas, O.J. would not only been acquitted but throngs of liberated women would line the streets applauding.

Apparently, high self esteem leads women to commit murder.
"I have nerve now, and I have self-esteem. So, my ugly came out," Alabama investigator Stan Stabler quoted her as saying, according to a report on the hearing published in The Jackson Sun.

Emphasis added.
Seems all those generations keeping women down trodden and subservient knew what they were doing, keeping down the murder rate and protecting the lives of husbands, boyfriends and children everywhere.

A couple of months ago, DrHelen, a forensic psychologist, wrote about increasing violence in girls.
Has anyone ever asked whether or not this "self-esteem" is helpful to women and society or not? Pumping women up with fake programs and phony self-esteem seems to do more harm than good--hence the need for books like See Jane Hit : Why Girls Are Growing More Violent and What We Can Do About It.
In fact, scientists are finding that high self esteem may be harmful and low self esteem beneficial.
Last year alone there were three withering studies of self-esteem released in the United States, all of which had the same central message: people with high self-esteem pose a greater threat to those around them than people with low self-esteem ...
The question needs to be raised: Can women handle high self esteem appropriately? Given the statement of Mary Winkler and others like her, the answer may be "No". If we continue to have programs and other efforts that focus on raising the self esteem of females, we need to include instruction on how to feel good about yourself without killing anyone.

Now I have to install a new lock on my bedroom door. My daughter has been feeling pretty good about herself lately.

And remember, ladies, kill whomever you wish and then blame your husband or boyfriend, even if he's the victim. What else are husbands and boyfriends good for?

I feel the same way you do. Women are getting away with murder and being supported in killing by the society we live in. Male life is now approaching worhtless -- if the male life is inconvenient for a woman.
I'm certainly a woman, but I agree with what you're saying in a sense. We are really treating men and boys in our society horribly.

I think it is especially bad in the educational system currently. The days in which "boys will be boys" ruled is long, long gone.

I could go on and on with regards to what the educational system is doing to boys and young men, but it would become a rant.

I love my Dad, my little brother, my Grandpa, and my fiance unconditionally. I've seen what effect this has all had on the lives of my fiance and my younger brother especially. Luckily, my Dad and Grandpa were products of another generation.

Anyway, there is certainly a double standard. I know a lot of women who would disagree with the choices I've made. Heaven forbid that I, a young, college educated woman with substantial work experience and a promising career decide not only to get married, but actually have the cajones to move back to an economically depressed area with my fiance simply due to the fact that I want to settle down and have a traditional life near not only my family, but his family as well. Heaven forbid that his career is coming first at the moment and that mine has been put on hold temporarily due to this decision! How dare I do that!

UGH! And my family wonders why I'm so stressed out! I feel incredible pressure to put myself ahead of everyone or everything else not only from the media and our society, but certain segements of my family as well.

Oh, and forget any kind of assistance or support for anyone in a similar situation...

Frustrated beyond frustrated.

As you can see, you hit a raw nerve!
russelllindsey - I wonder how many women your age feel that same pressure. The company I work for hires a lot of young women, mostly with MBA's.

It seems many of them desire some of the same traditional lifestyles as you. A lot of these women end up working part-time, or non-traditional schedules where they work from home, leave early to be home when the kids get out of school, etc.

Although we're divorced, my ex-wife and I work together so that one of us is always home with our children. I am able to work from home sometimes. Her work schedule allows a lot of flexibility.

I hope everyone who reads this post realizes I'm not serious about keeping women subservient. But you raise excellent points. Many people want the traditional American lifestyle and there's nothing wrong with that.
I can't imagine people seriously thinking that you'd like to make women subserviant.

However, I do think that you've raised some valid questions. It seems that we've thrown the baby out with the bath water so to speak. In our effort to give women the same opportunities as men, we not only failed to ensure that we didn't encroach on the rights of men, we also didn't ensure that people of BOTH sexes were able to feel free to pursue a more traditional lifestyle.

As a result, I think we've lost something extremely valuable in our society. I also think that a lot of women my age, whose mothers felt that they could have it all, feel as though they are in a catch-22.

Personally, I think that I can have it all - just not all at once.

More later...

Personally, I think that I can have it all - just not all at once.

You're probably correct. I love that sentence.
Thanks! I forgot where I heard that...

I wish I could say that it was original.

of course, the will have to rely on her word that be "abused" her.

i am not a very dominant man, i am in fact subserviant to all the women in my life, lived with extremely strong women, mum and grannies and great grannies.. so i obey my love.. if you read avout victorian times, the women where in charge of the household, they dealt with food, kids, servants eveything while the man worked..they were the power behind the throne. now that women are on the throne (pun intended), they should realise the shit men get. but they use the poor me syndrome, he abused me, he shouted at me, he told me not to buy this.. abuse abuse abuse..
No sane person should ever blame their own bad behavior on another person's bad behavior. Yet, it seems to me, too many women now believe with their whole heart that they have the right to blame all of their bad behavior on men, without regard to whether his behavior is bad or good.

This does not bode well for the long term stability of our society.
My Co-Admin posted your blog on my site and I'm damn glad he did so!
I've only read this one blog entry thus far, but am very impressed!

Nice work :)
anti misandry - Thanks. I'm honored.

Graham Green was once asked how he, as a man, could write such convincing female characters. He answered that it was easy; all your had to do was make up a male character that was unaccountable. That is an unnecessarily buitchy and insulting formulation, but people on both sides of the gender divide have been complaining for years about essentially the same thing: modrn society tells girls that they are accountable about nothing but how they look. Conscience is for losers and men. It is totally unfair to all the masses of decent women we have all known in our lives. They deserve better.
Wow - everybody relax a minute. Mary Winkler is a crazy, nasty, wimpy, weak woman, with NO REAL self-esteem - all her statements are classic signs of LACK of self-esteem! And she certainly is not the typical strong independent modern American woman. REAL American woman are strong, independent, educated, self-sufficient, talented, AND we love our men and children. We CAN have it all! And so can our men! Men OR women should feel free to be stay at home parents, or full time working parents, OR part time at both (in my opinion, that would be an ideal world - and would be most similar to human societies in earlier, more natural states). People should live according to their INDIVIDUAL talents and interests - and not according to what society calls either "traditional" or "nontraditional".
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