Friday, July 14, 2006


Israel Fighting to Prevent the Next Holocaust

Many accuse Israel of over reacting and/or responding too harshly to recent terrorist events. What ever you position in the debate two facts are undeniable by any reasonable person in touch with reality. 1)The radical Islamic enemies will never be satisfied until Israel is destroyed and as many Jews as possible killed in the process. 2)If radical Islamic terrorists, or other terrorists, left Israel alone, Israel would be quite content and not attack anyone.

1) I agree. However, the radical Islamic enemies overhyped as far as their power is concerned. Regular folks over there outnumber crazies, the crazies just have guns and kill anyone who disagrees with them. Its like nations run by the mafias of old.

2) I don't agree with that, and the settlements in the occupied territory are proof. A military buffer zone or DMZ is one thing, teeming thousands setting up homesteads and farms 100 yards behind the front is quite another.

If Israel wanted to truly secure their borders and be more free of the terrorism and attacks that constantly plauge them, they could play ball with the International community. Lebanon wants to be free of occupation, but can't seem to keep their government together long enough between invasions to make any real progress.

Instead, the occupations have allowed anarchy to flourish on every Israeli border. Thugs rise to power out of anarchy, and these thugs have an agenda.

On the other hand, if the Palestinans and Lebanese started an American Civil Rights movement style non-violent protest (much like the Cedar Revolution of a year ago), the story would be quite different.

But even without that, the United States is powerful enough through economy, culture and international clout to make things happen.

One thing that never seems to be included in a peace plan is the economies and governments of Egypt and Jordan and Turkey. These are one established and two emerging nations that the US has significant influence on. We've got to get Mubarak to reform Egypt and we've got to get Jordan and Turkey's economy into serious investment and growth phases.

Why is that important to Israel, Palestine & Lebanon? Well, you'd be able to increase the standard of living for all three nations, and the economic impact on the refugees and Palestinians would be huge. You take away the Palestinan absolute dependence on the Israeli economy. It is also far more difficult to be a terrorist when you have to catch the 7am train to Amman so you can be at work at 9.

The rest of it includes setting up a non-US, non-Israeli reaction force (which would most likely need to be made up of mostly French, British & Turkish troops) to secure all borders and root out active terrorist organizations.

The question is, would Israel rather have terrorist guns pointed at them, or have French, British & Turkish guns on pointed the other way?
I agree with your DMZ (or DMV as you called it at HurricaneRadio - that would stop things quickly).

You may or may not be correct about point number 2. I think some of these areas were occupied as a result of the 1967 Yom Kippur War in which Israel was attacked and the Arabs suffered a humiliating defeat. Whether the areas should have stayed occupied or not could probably be debated ad infinitum. I'd have to do more research than I'm willing to do at the moment to be sure about all this.

My point is that I can't remember Israel initiating an attack except in response to being attacked first. Could be wrong but I am going on personal memory here.

But I do like your suggestions.
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