Sunday, July 23, 2006


Genocide: Is It Hard To Recognize?

Genocide: "The systematic, planned annihilation of a racial, political or cultural group." The American Heritage Dictionary

What should be obvious to any objective observer over the years of conflict between radical Islamic groups and Israel is that the radical Islamics' goals are genocidal. They wish to wipe Israel and all its Jewish citizens off the face of the Earth. Israel has no such intentions towards any group.

Below are posts I like regarding the Israeli/radical Islamic conflicts.

At GM's Corner:
I stand with Israel
Can this be confirmed?
Drawing Says It All

Dr. Sanity:
The Moral Difference (Referred to by GM above.)

One Cosmos:
What's With the Left's Broken Moral Compass? (HT to Dr. Sanity.)

Michelle Malkin:
There's lots of stuff at Michelle Malkin's blog. She tends to be caustic but accurate.

Volokh Conspiracy:
United Nations an Accomplice in Hezbollah Kidnapping (HT to Instapundit.)
Spanish P.M. Accused of anti-Semitism
The Party of God

Bill Maher Actually Says Something Nice About President Bush (Again, HT to Instapundit.)

Heh; with a son going to a Jesuit high and a fan of Israel, I was heartened by your comments on Dr. Helen.
Thank you. I was taught by Franciscan priests and Sisters of Mercy.
hate is now the ultimate in equality,

i was taught by the de la salle brothers, but i lost family in the pogroms one branch of family is jewish..
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