Monday, July 17, 2006


Al Gore, Much Maligned

Al Gore has been maligned by the press, bloggers (like myself) and many others for many years. Just the other day I took unwarranted potshots at Gore. Here some of the most popular myths regarding Gore are demystified:

In "Love Story" Al and Tipper weren't the models for the couple but "...Gore and his college roommate Tommy Lee Jones were the models for the male lead."

Inventing the Internet: "Al Gore never made that claim. His actual words were "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.""

Love Canal: "Gore was misquoted by both Katherine Q. Seelye of the New York Times and Cici Connolly of the Washington Post."

Now, Gore has become a movie star in his fight against global warming. Al has been "fighting" global warming a long time.
It now appears that in Goredom, Neville Chamberlain wasn't such a bad chap after all. Gore and Clinton have been the very model of what the ``Earth in the Balance'' authors dismissed as environmental appeasers when it comes to dealing with that pernicious enemy, the automobile.

American cars offered greater fuel efficiency under President Reagan, despite older technology, than they do under this ostensibly enlightened administration. Yet, no plan to fight global warming can succeed without reducing American consumption of oil.
Written in 2000. The reference is to the Clinton/Gore administration, not GW.

Please take it easy on poor ole Al.

Note: For added commentary hold your cursor over the blue words.


I still can't beleive how much ruckus the sport of Gore-bashing causes.

If Gore had a better idea of media savvy (like his fomer running mate, boss and saxophonist Clinton), he would have owned the media debates, especially over the "Love Canal" and "Internet Invention" things.

Can you imagine Al Gore, walking onto a darkened stage on some college campus with a Clinton/Gore campaign placard and saying "There's been a lot of confusion over who invented the Love Canal. Ladies and Gentlemen, I'd like to clear the record and introduce you to the folks who really invented the Love Canal...." and then the lights come on and George Clinton and Parliament funkadelic are on stage too, launching into a medly of "We Want the Funk?"

The. Media. Would. Have. Been. Owned. And the Love Canal stuff would have been absolutely forgotten.

Poor Al. He's probably not a bad guy.
probably listens to his advisors too much,
How did you do those blue words with the commentary? I like that. It's almost like Mr. Subliminal on SNL.

I don't know why, but your post on Gore got me envisioning him as the "Modern Major General" in the Pirates of Penzance. "He is the very model of a global warming peddler." I can see him in that great big hat. Poor Al never had to endure what Dan Quayle has.
It's pretty simple. Use a span tag with a "title" property in it. The "style" sets the color.

Example: <span title="Yeah, Al Gore!" style="color: 3366ee;">Al Gore</span>
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