Thursday, June 29, 2006


Son Recycles Chest of Drawers

My 13 year old son decided to refinish this 30 year old chest of drawers and use it in his room. He sanded off the several layers of old paint using a belt sander, finishing sander and a sanding block with elbow grease for the drawer edges. He then painted the body flat black and the drawer faces silver. The finishing touches are his skateboard and paintball stickers along with his can/bottle collection. He made the Pepsi can lamp about two years ago at a 4H function.

I try to encourage my kids to use their creativity in a constructive capacity. My son says he wants to be an architect. He definitely has a good eye for design and use of space. I already let him have significant input into choices for paint colors, furniture, gardens, etc. He usually shows more originality and taste than I.

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