Monday, June 05, 2006


Not Every Climatologist Is Convinced of Global Warming

According to at least one climatologist global warming isn't a no brainer.
The only inconvenient truth about global warming, contends Colorado State University's Bill Gray, is that a genuine debate has never actually taken place. Hundreds of scientists, many of them prominent in the field, agree.


"They've been brainwashing us for 20 years," Gray says. "Starting with the nuclear winter and now with the global warming. This scare will also run its course. In 15-20 years, we'll look back and see what a hoax this was."


Another highly respected climatologist, Roger Pielke Sr. at the University of Colorado, is also skeptical.

Pielke contends there isn't enough intellectual diversity in the debate. He claims a few vocal individuals are quoted "over and over" again, when in fact there are a variety of opinions.


Al Gore (not a scientist) has definitely been heard and heard and heard. His documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," is so important, in fact, that Gore crisscrosses the nation destroying the atmosphere just to tell us about it.
Like the writer of the article, I'm no expert but I lead my life in a more environmentally conscientious way than Al Gore and a lot of other loud-mouth environmentalists. Convince me with your actions.

In the 12 step tradition there is an old saying:

Your Walk Talks,
And Your Talk Talks!
But Your Walk Talks
Than your Talk Talks!

Owlgore is not walking the walk.
Nor do many of the other loudest "environmentalists."
Gray is discredited by every climate scientis of merit on earth.
I'll compare my efforts to the likes of yours any day. All I see from you is propaganda that is factually wrong. I can only conclude you are an amatueur misguided layman easily led astray like Roper and company. It's an appeal to ignorance.
I think that Al Gore's powerpoint movie appeals to ignorance.
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