Sunday, June 18, 2006


Jesus = Homie

Jesus = Homie, originally uploaded by born_a_vol.

Some people express their faith in interesting ways. I believe my spelling of "homie" is correct. Hey, it's better than burning embassies and beheading infidels.

"Homie" is the correct spelling, though the graffiti testament is phonetically correct, an I have seen it spelled this way in other instances.

20 Old School points if you can tell me the root word for 'homie/hoamie,' and give me one other example of a derivative.

-Generation X
I assume homie comes from the rap/gangsta "home boy" expression.
You are correct. 15 Old School points to you.

The extra 5 would have come if you would have extracted "homes" from the word. Also, qualifying would be others who have extracted "homeslice" and "homeskillet."

This is not to be confused with "homedog" which is an underdog sports team playing at home. Or "hizzle" or "heazey" which we don't actually know what the translation is.
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