Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Shut Down America Day A Bust

“Shut Down America Day” came and went quietly. In Cincinnati the demonstration was small and largely unnoticed, a few hundred demonstrators including some counter protesters. Some in Los Angeles were happy because the traffic was lighter. The economic impact of the protest was “zero.”

Sure there were the protesters carrying Mexican flags and signs demanging "their" country back. (I'm sure they garnered a lot of sympathy with that approach.) The only thing that really bugged me was this opinion column at FoxNews.com. Here Susan Estrich goes on about how we are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. (You could even argue this for the Indians if you go back far enough.) Therefore, we must be lenient with illegal immigrants. In all fairness, Estrich doesn’t want to cave in and give away the farm but her argument is faulty.

If I smoked pot, did drugs, binged drank in my younger days, am I supposed to accept and tolerate this in my children? I think not.

While the U.S. is a rich country with a wealth of natural resources that may be unduplicated in the world, the resources fall short of infinite. In the same manner that environmentalist argue we need to protect our natural resources, we need to protect all our resources.

Protecting our resources demands controlled, managed immigration. It doesn’t matter that our ancestors were immigration. It doesn’t matter if you feel guilty about what our ancestors did to the Indians or owned slaves. We must deal in the “here and now.”

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