Friday, May 12, 2006


Kellogg's Smart Start, DrHelen Would Like It

Watching TV I saw a commercial with a woman talking about how her sister went for a mammogram every year, how her sister was aware of the threat of breast cancer. But, her sister had died the year before at the age of 47 - of heart disease. The commercial was sponsored by Kellogg's Smart Start.

According to Kellogg's only 13 percent of the women in America know that heart disease if the greatest killer of women. DrHelen knows. She has blogged several times concerning the tremendous public awareness of breast cancer while heart disease is the greatest killer. She has described her own experiences with heart diseasehere.

Some may be cynical regarding Kellogg's heart disease campaign because of the obvious profit making implications. This is how capitalism works. There is nothing wrong with making money by providing a product or service that benefits others. Health care professionals do it all the time.

I say kudos to Kellogg's for broadening the awareness of a deadly killer.

Hi Dadvocate,

I have seen that commercial several times and appreciate that Kellog's mentions heart disease in women--it is so much more common than people think.
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