Monday, May 29, 2006


The Da Vinci Code - No Biggie

I haven't seen the movie yet but I read the book shortly after it first came out. The book began well an moved quickly until towards the end. The ending seemed to drag and was weak. The book is not great work of literature but an entertaining read that, obviously, adapts easily for the silver screen.

The concept that Jesus may have had children is not new. I first heard it thrown out in a discussion more than 30 years ago. Frankly, I don't fully understand the furor over this. There is no compelling reason to believe it true but for some seem to like the idea. However, some believe that the moon landing was faked also.

I found it somewhat amusing that some albinos found the movie offensive because of the portrayal of an albino as an assassin.
The National Organization for Albinism and Hypopigmentationare is launching a campaign against the Tom Hanks film of "The Da Vinci Code."

NOAH had unsuccessfully asked film director Ron Howard to change author Dan Brown's "hulking albino" character Silas, The New York Post reported Sunday.

A California teacher who is albino wrote to Brown in 2003 voicing her concern over the "hateful" stereotypes assigned to albinos in literature and film, the newspaper said.
Perhaps I'm too callous but every demographic is negatively portrayed in movies at some time or another. I don't remember any albino groups protesting Michael Bowman's portrayal of a psychopathic serial killer in "Me, Myself and Irene."

Of course the albino protest pales in contrast to the hundreds of thousands of Christians around the world rioting, burning embassies, and such.

Oops, that isn't happening. Is it?

DaVinci has a core problem which is a direct reflection of our society. DaVinci adds the sacred feminine without adding the shadow feminine.

We live in a society based on women's good, men's good and men's bad. The missing thing, women's bad is a crucial component. Without it, we live a lie. We do live a lie.
Can't argue with you there. Indeed, it seems all things feminine are deemed sacred in our society.

I just don't think the book or the movie are that big a deal. I found the book to be less entertaining and more poorly written than the typical John Grisham novel.
the film is boring, and full of innacuracies, that had me shouting at the screen.
Maybe I shouldn't go see it. I primarily go to movies to be entertained. Definitely don't want to be bored, which I've heard a lot. The book became boring and slow towards the end.
My Pops, one of the local Priests and a couple of other Churchgoers were in the theatre the other day to see this film. The Priest & my Pops said that if you hadn't gone to seminary, this movie may be pretty boring for you.

I'll wait for the DVD (DaVinci coDe - consipiracy?), there are supermodels with superpowers in the X-Men, no matter how comic-book cheesy, and that's the kind of behavior I want to fully support with my entertainment dollar.
I haven't seen the movie but I have listened to the book on CD during a car trip. It was OK but nothing special. As far as offensiveness goes, I don't understand that at all. There's a different take on Jesus but that's pretty par for the course when looking a different real religions. The book does get into a big cover-up by the Catholic church but I thought that Monsignor was a lot worse of a conspiracy than this.
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