Thursday, May 25, 2006


The Animals ARE Out to Get Us

Deer are attacking!!
Southern Illinois University is rolling out a public-awareness campaign about the hazards deer pose to humans, and it apparently couldn't come at a better time.

A year ago, deer threatened or injured at least seven people on the university's Carbondale campus during fawning season. Now — with fawning season soon to reach its peak — campus police say three people were injured by a female deer Tuesday
Be careful out there, folks. Bambi has the glint of a killer is in his eye.

Heh, my boyfriend goes to school there and deer really do attack the students. The campus is large and full of fauna and flora, kind of a barely contained wild. Like the article said it is because of the mother deer thinking that they have to protect their young.
It must be a beautiful campus. As long as they keep the bears and mountain lions out people should be OK.
I think mosquitos are a bigger threat ;o)
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