Friday, March 03, 2006


What Have We Come To?

In Gold Hill, Oregon, a 16 year old boy, David Thumler, is going to spend 4 days in juvenile detention for pinching and twisting the nipple of another boy while standing in line at the deli.
He's going to have to spend four days in juvenile detention for refusing to write a letter explaining himself after twisting the nipple of another boy while they were standing on line at a deli.

Thumler was convicted of offensive physical touching in July 2005. The victim's parents had complained to Gold Hill police.
I almost hate to say it but the other boy's parents may be raising the biggest wimp west of the Mississippi.
The Gold Hill, Ore., boy has already served three days of community service emptying trash cans, mowing lawns and shoveling gravel, along with paying a $67 fine for the offense. But he refused to write the letter holding himself accountable, which would have spared him the time in juvee.
Why is the AP using terms like "juvee"? Is this some sort of "let's be cool" game?

I applaud Thumler's fortitude. When I was in high school back in the "day" (late 1960's), we did this sort of thing all the time. Grab another guy's nipple, twist it and tell him to whistle. It was pretty funny to watch him try. After being twisted a few times myself, I learned to whistle very quickly. We called it "Titty Twister." It's just a stupid adolescent activity but not criminal.

I wonder if the victim still breast feeds.

I've really enjoyed your blog! Your kids are lucky to have such a great Dad... I can only think of one better: my own Dad!

Good luck with everything... I think you are right on with a lot of your commentary.

Thanks for the compliment and mention on your blog. I'm glad you have a great Dad. Every body deserves at least one.
Hm. I find your blog interesting, but here I disagree with you. People have no business touching other people when the attention is not wanted. We all know when that is. Touching someone's nipple in a deli line is not the same as consensually engaging in sports or sex. If it had happened to me I would have been livid: a 'WTF?' response. One's first impulse would be to beat the guy, but that's equally uncivilized and it would rightly have gotten one in serious trouble. So I think this has been handled well. And, to continue a theme you follow on your blog, what if this had been a girl's nipple?? The outrage would correctly have been deafening. This has nothing to do with being a wimp or not.
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