Thursday, March 02, 2006


Liberal Trouble, Troubled Liberal

DrHelen has been on a roll. The other day she had this post on propaganda for kids, the lovely children's book Why Mommy is a Democrat. This book is written on a kindergarten level and disgustingly nothing but propaganda. "Democrats make sure we are always safe, just like Mommy does." Does Jeremy Zilber, the author, really think this book will create any new Democrats? Remember how much we hated reading Dick and Jane? This book is worse. Go, Spot, go.

DrHelen also pointed out this post by Jane Galt on Is the Left Out of Ideas?. Certainly seems so. For the past few years it seems they can only criticize which is fine to a point but there is no new direction.

"You're going the wrong direction!"
"Which direction should I go?" "
"You're going the wrong direction!"
"Show me which direction I should go."
"You're going the wrong direction!"
"Do you have a map that shows me the right direction?"
"You're going the wrong direction!"

At some point the Democrats have to provide some leadership, not just point out what's wrong.

To top it off, Michelle Malkin posted about a liberal high school teacher in Colorado propagandize his students. Quite amazing. I never experienced any thing like it during all my school years. The teacher, Jay Bennish, was recorded by one of his students. Mr. Bennish goes on a rant of epic proportions. I can't understand how a man who hates this country so much can stand to hold a job where the source of his salary is government funds. He may not hold that job much longer though. He is currently under suspension.

This all leads to the point. When you are all out of good ideas and have no direction but still want political power, you have to resort to techniques other that do not include reason and logic. This is how the terrorists train their children to grow up to be suicide bombers.

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