Friday, March 31, 2006


Indigenous Mexicans Demand Their Land Back

Instapundit directed me toward this link containing photos of anti-immigration law protests in California. The Mexica Movement is claiming this continent should be theirs because they got here first.

Such a point is one that some bleeding heart liberals have espoused over the past few decades. Which is why Columbus Day has become persona non grata in some places. How far back in history should we go to determine who should have what land? Let's say we use 1500 A.D. for the North America continent or should we go back to the Anasazi?

Whatever time we decide, with today's technology we can then perform DNA analysis on every person and determine their strongest heritage. Based upon that each person will then move to the location of the ancestral home of their genetic heritage. Simple.

Somehow, I think most of those protestors would end up back in Mexico and some in Spain. The Anasazi and Pueblo dominated most of what is now the Southwest United States. I'm guessing most of the Indians of Mexica trace back to the Aztecs and Mayans.

But all of this is baloney. What we need is a touch of reality. Cultures and nations have fought and conquered each other for all time. The indigenous people of the Americas were no different. Unfortunately, they came into conflict with a civilization much more advanced technologically than themselves and lost. Don't expect me to feel guilty, etc.

Millions of people have entered the U.S. since its founding. Through assimilation, hard work, etc. people from all points of the Earth have found a rewarding life here. Millions more can in the future. Is it too much to ask to do it legally?

Where is William Glasser when we need him?

I'd rather use 1682 as the land cut off: That's when my earliest ancestor landed in what would become the US.

There's the thing ... no matter what date we use, someone is going to be angry.
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