Tuesday, March 21, 2006


First Full Day of Spring, 2006

First Full Day of Spring, 2006, originally uploaded by born_a_vol.

Snow in the morning. School is cancelled. I hope the Southerners at Hurricane_Radio are jealous.

Backyard, March 21, 2006, originally uploaded by born_a_vol.

It snowed even more in the late afternoon (or could it have been early evening?). I bet you Southerners, having to put up with all that sun and heat, are really jealous.

There are plenty of ex-Yankees and Midwesterners downhere that completely lament the loss of snow in the wintertime. They believe that it is completely improper to go anywhere near a beach in the month of January.

I, on the other hand, lament the fact that I have to own a long sleeved anything. I had to turn my heater back on this week, 'cause it is frosty even down here.

And I had just put away my scarf, and closed up my sweaters for the season.

But you will have the last laugh, as I will most likely have to move far north of my current latitude when I get a new job, and you will get to hear my thin blooded screams all the way to Ohio.

I fear what will happen the first time a snowball connects with my sun scorched brow....
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