Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I'm a " joyless motherf*$%@#r"

Every few days I search Technorati for "DADvocate". Usually I don't find much. But today I found a blog with this post: Hey buddy, can't you keep your bitch in line?

If that doesn't show a respectful attitude towards women, I don't know what does. This guy is a LIBERAL. His blog is named "The Great Leap Forward." I'll be taking a leap back.

His post starts: "I kinda knew that most conservative men are joyless"

Read the whole thing and find out what a joyful fellow he is.

P.S. He did have some kind words in response to the comments I made at his post.


Do you notice how the leftie blogs have nothing but venom to spill? No constructive facts or anything to learn--they put people on the defensive immediately so one does not even want to listen if they have something decent to say. Maybe if they would back off a little instead of acting like shrill adolescents, they would attract a few more people.
Helen - Exactly. If you want to attract people to your point of view, it helps to at least be respectful. Comments such as these that I saw in other blogs are a big part of the reason I began blogging. I try to keep it as civil as possible and especially avoid name calling.
Hey dad

The "bitch in line" thing was satirical - or as Ann Coulter said in Arkansas when talking about poisoning Justice Stevens, "Only joking!"

And anger isn't just a liberal thing; you can find venom on both sides of the aisle - see Little Green Footballs or Free Republic, for example.

(thanks for the link, anyway - perhaps we can continue this and other conversations in the future)

whose authentic happiness index is 3.92
You are correct. I try to go easy on the anger stuff except with teachers. (A joke with some truth.)

Two reasons for this: 1) As a kid I was taught to be civil (didn't always succeed) and I believe you can get your point across more effectively that way. I've seen a couple of versions of this quote: "Irish Diplomacy: the ability to tell a man to go to Hell in such a way that he'll look forward to the trip." Since I have some Irish blood, it fits.

2) Even if we don't agree at least we can be agreeable. I feel that if I get upset and start name calling, shouting, etc. I've already lost the argument. (Sometimes I am wrong. I really try to see when I am so I can grow and mature in my ideas and ideals.)

Occassionally I'll meet someone who's just a jerk on whom all this is wasted but I don't believe Rob is one.
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