Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Maupin vs. Sheehan

Keith "Matt" Maupin remains the only soldier the U.S. Army lists as missing-captured in Iraq. Iraqi "insurgents" captured Matt on April 9, 2004. Al Jazeera reported on June 28, 2004 that Matt had been "executed." The U.S. Army says that the video tape is inconclusive. Matt's ordeal has earned him a spot in Wikipedia.

As you would expect Matt's parents continue to grieve and suffer and cling to a sliver of hope for their son. Was Matt executed or is he languishing under terrorist capture and torture somewhere? Which fate would be worse?

Through their pain and suffering Carolyn and Keith Maupin maintain dignity, hope and honor. Currently, the Maupins hope to raise "$100,000 in scholarship money that will go to the schools attended by area soldiers killed in Iraq."
A dinner dance will be held on April 9 - the second anniversary of Maupin's capture after his convoy was hit by Iraqi insurgents - at the Oasis Country Club near Loveland.

By selling individual tickets for $30 each, $50 for couples and $300 for a table of 10, the Maupins hope to raise $100,000 in honor of 32 soldiers and Marines from Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana who lost their lives in Iraq.
The Maupins live in Batavia, Ohio, a small town just east of Cincinnati. The public and the media in the area have been supportive of the Maupins in their pain and sorrow and in their efforts. Nationally, the media appears to largely ignore the Maupins.

The national media prefers to spotlight the increasingly bizarre antics of Cindy Sheehan. Michelle Malkin and Hurricane_radio discuss Cindy's lunacy also reported in this article. Cindy, apparently on a massive ego-trip, would rather be hugging Hugo Chavez than actually helping someone.

Media bias is reflected not just in how something is reported but also in what is reported. The left-leaning national media would report on the disturbed actions of a woman only a half a step from Thorazine than the dignified, honorable actions of a couple still able to give and share with others despite their personal tragedy.

If you wish to support the Maupins, here is the contact info:
The Maupins said donations to the April 9 Scholarship Fund can be made at any Fifth Third Bank branch. For dinner dance information, call the Yellow Ribbon Support Center at (513) 752-4310.

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