Tuesday, January 31, 2006


DNC Fund Raising Going Poorly?

Every day or so, I stop by Democratic Veteran. I like to check the posts and the comments to help keep a finger on the pulse of what I think are every day kind of Democrats. It appears they are rather pissed off at the Democratic National Committee and are refusing to donate money.

Post by Jo Fish:

is a call I just got from the DNC looking for money.

I don't think so.

From the comments:
I politely explained to her that when the DLC and DSCC decide to grown a pair, I may send them the loose beer & pop cans floating around in my shop.

But told her to put on my card 'don't hold your breath on that'.


Maybe it's for spinal surgery?


Yep, got the same call at 930am Sunday morning. Grow some balls first, THEN ask for money.
Seems the rank and file aren't too happy.

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