Tuesday, December 06, 2005


What Do Liberals Understand?

This was posted at Facing South. BellSouth had offered to donate a 250,000 square foot building to the city of New Orleans to house its police headquarters. As anyone over the age of 12 knows, BellSouth is in the telephone and communications industry. One of the products they sell is Internet access.

How does New Orleans say "thank you" to BellSouth? Undercutting BellSouth by offering free WiFi. New Orleans motivation for offering free WiFi is to stimulate resettlement in New Orleans. One has to wonder how great an incentive free WiFi would be for resettlement. Maybe if you want to attract cheapskate yuppies.

BellSouth's primary goal is to make money as should be every business. A not-for-profit agency I once worked for had this hanging on the wall: "A non-profit company is a management failure, a not-for-profit is a management decision." BellSouth is legitimately upset at being undercut by the very governmental body it generously offered to help. Liberals and government agencies that sustain themselves by taking our money don't seem to understand this.

Additionally, Mr. Kromm at Facing South seems to ready to jump on BellSouth's case. BellSouth has this to say:
BellSouth spokesman Jeff Battcher disputed the city's version of events.

"Our willingness to work with the mayor and the city is still on the table," Battcher said. "We've been working for over two months on this building . . . we are a little surprised by these comments."
It would seem reasonable that if New Orleans officials were truly thinking that they may have thought: 1)Gee, free Internet access might help resettlement of New Orleans, 2)Who provides Internet access in our area? (Make a list.) 3)Gosh, BellSouth, who has offered us a building worth millions, provides Internet access. 4)Let's talk with BellSouth and work something out.

It appears none of that occurred. Maybe we're seeing why New Orleans and its evacuation, rescue and general plight before Katrina was such a mess. And we're seeing why the liberal assumption that government and socialism is the answer to all our problems is wrong.

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