Thursday, December 22, 2005


Fight the College Conscious Police

Wendy McElroy of iFeminist discusses small signs of hope concerning political correctness on college campuses at FoxNews. She cites the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's (FIRE)Guide to First-Year Orientation and Thought Reform on Campus. The entire 112 page book is available free in pdf format at the link above.

McElroy describes a couple of situations where FIRE helped students under pressure due to not politically correct opinions.
Mandatory diversity tests and training attempt to correct the unacceptable political views of students. The experience of Ed Swan, a self-described conservative Christian at Washington State's College of Education, offers an example.

Swan expressed the belief that white privilege and male privilege do not currently exist in our society. In 2004 he was given low scores on a "dispositions criteria" by which some universities rank the "social commitment" of students. The university threatened to disenroll Swan if he did not sign a contract that committed him to further political screening and re-orientation. Due to a letter from FIRE and a high-profile protest, the contract requirement was dropped.
Please note that the issue is not whether of not Swan is correct but whether or not he has the right to express this opinion without reprisal.

If you or anyone you know are entering college or in college, get yourself a copy and read it. Freedom is more important than an education but both is best.

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