Monday, December 05, 2005


9/11 Final Report - Border Security

Verbatim from the report:


Better terrorist travel strategy   Incomplete
The first Terrorist Travel Strategy is in development, due to be delivered by December 17, 2005 as required by PL 108-458.

Comprehensive screening system   C
We still do not have a comprehensive screening system. Although agencies are moving ahead on individual screening projects, there is lack of progress on coordination between agencies. DHS’ new Screening Coordination Office still needs to establish and implement goals for resolving differences in biometric and traveler systems, credentialing and identification standards.

Biometric entry-exit screening system   B
The US-VISIT system is running at 115 airports and 15 seaports, and is performing secondary screening at the 50 busiest land borders. But border screening systems are not yet employed at all land borders, nor are these systems interoperable. The exit component of the US-VISIT system has not been widely deployed.

International collaboration on borders and document security   D
There has been some good collaboration between US-VISIT and Interpol, but little progress elsewhere. There has been no systematic diplomatic effort to share terrorist watchlists, nor has Congress taken a leadership role in passport security.

Standardize secure identifications   B-
The REAL ID Act has established by statute standards for state-issued IDs acceptable for federal purposes, though states’ compliance needs to be closely monitored. New standards for issuing birth certificates (required by law by December 17, 2005) are delayed until at least spring 2006, probably longer. Without movement on the birth certificate issue, state-issued IDs are still not secure.

Comment - Doesn't address our porous southern borders directly enough to satisfy me. An army could infiltrate our country with the present state of our border with Mexico. Is almost slave labor so important to our country that we won't secure our borders and protect ourselves from terrorist attack?

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