Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Harry Reid Uninformed On Iraq, WMD's

I received a link to this in my email. The headline of the article reads "Harry Reid Didn't Read Prewar Intel Report." Of course, we all know that the reason Harry Reid didn't read the report is that little Georgey Bush kept hitting him with paper wads and Harry couldn't concentrate.

Reid said: We're talking about six senators. The answer is, if you ask me, I didn't read it. But I don't know who did. But there's a hundred senators, not six. And some members of the Intelligence Committee may have read it. I don't know. But the fact of the matter is-you can't escape this-the administration manipulated the evidence and the people who opposed them, like Amb. [Joseph] Wilson were taken to the woodshed.
Sure is nice to know our senators update themselves with the latest information before sending our boys off to war. But, with Georgey cracking jokes and otherwise cutting up in class, who could have focused enough to read the boring report anyway. Gosh.

I'm just a bumpkin from Tennessee now living else where. When Georgy, whom I did vote for, was first elected, my biggest concern was that he would find an excuse to invade Iraq and finish Daddy's business. If I could see this potentially coming, why couldn't all these bigwigs? Why do they pretend to be so naive? The see an opportunity to score political point and maybe win the next presidential election. The hurricane relief fiasco hurt Bush and now they're coming in for the kill. But, anyone who thinks the Demos have your or your country's best interest in mind are sorely mistaken. It's opportunism, pure and simple. They can throw all the accusations at Bush they like but they are equally guilty.

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