Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Happy Thanksgiving - For Most of Us

Some people just aren't capable of being happy and will reach into antiquity to find reasons to wallow in misery. Robert Jensen is such a person. Read his post at AlterNet where he compares Thanksgiving as a celebration of genocide..

I like this respondent's (Lone Pawn) comments:
Oh, dear God. See, this is why people don't like liberals. Everyone's sitting around, gathering their families, offering heartfelt thanks for the blessings and love that God has granted them, and then some cold-hearted ranting PC-bot comes raving in, spits in the mashed potatoes, slaps Grandma and calls her a religious nut, kicks Grandpa in the face and calls him a racist, calls Dad a chauvinist and Mom a sex traitor, then tears the pets' collars off and "frees" them into the cold night, and then leaves, congratulating himself on another family enlightened.

It's like those damned "Free Tibet" bumper stickers. First of all, I doubt the driver knows a thing about pre-Chinese Tibetan society, nor do they know a thing about historic Sino-Tibetan relationships. Moreover, what are *they* doing? They aren't freeing any nations, they're driving their goddamned car. Same with Support Our Troops. The driver isn't supporting our troops, the driver is wasting gasoline and lecturing us.

Americans don't like to be lectured. Nobody does. Tell me, have you given back all your land to the nearest person of Indian descent you've found? (Yes, I will say Indian, because that's what the nearest tribe wishes to be called.) Have you given all your possessions to the nearest person of African-American descent, as their ancestors may well have paid for it in sweat? That computer...if it was an Apple, it was made by victims of imperialism in Suzhou, China. They made it under an unfair market system in which you could argue the fruits of their labors have been stolen by American transnats. Better hand it back.

But you won't, because you simply like to lecture.
Jensen reminds me of typical liberal guilt tripping and then they drive off in their BMW. As a professor at a major state university, you can be assured Jensen isn't suffering and has plenty for which to be thankful.

I hope you are able to count you blessings as the nuns in grade school told me to do. I am thankful I live in the most free country in the world, I am thankful that I have children I can be proud of and share my love with. I am thankful I have a warm house, a decent job, can write on blogs, make bad jokes, eat too much, etc. I am thankful that I can experience compassion for those less fortunate than myself. I am thankful I can donate to charities, collect food for the food bank, work with charities to make the world a better place, and give a stranger a smile and kind word. I am also thankful that I can reject the blather the Jensen and his kind try to perpetrate on the world. I am thankful that I realize that I wasn't born 300 years ago and am not guilty for the actions of someone who was.

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