Saturday, November 12, 2005


APA - Study Men or Not?

This post by DrHelen about 3 weeks ago is what moved me to further explore the APA and its attitudes toward men. DrHelen's post contains this statement
Sixty percent of the dissertations explored mothers only, 30% studied "parents," and 10% explored fathers only.
cited from on a 1992 article entitled, "Where's Poppa? The Relative Lack of Attention to the Role of Fathers in Child and Adolescent Psychopathology." in American Psychologist (the Journal of the American Psychological Association).

What is Ronald F. Levant's, president of the APA, view regarding the focus of research on men. In his article "Why Study Boys and Man?" (2002), Levant makes this statement in the opening paragraph:
Well, yes, of course, males have been the focal point of most psychological research.
There is a difference between studying fathers/mothers and males/females. But Levant offers no foundation for his statement.

If you go to the APA website and do some test searches you will find results that support the article cited by DrHelen.

Searching on the APA home page which, apparently searches for the "APA's most requested documents
by their titles, keywords, and descriptions," I attained these results:
Search word: "men" - 573 results
Search word "women" - 1046 results

It appears that the members of the APA, judging by the results of a search of the APA's most requested documents, give twice the attention to women as to men. This is very close to the statement cited by DrHelen. Again, it appears that Ronald F. Levant, president of the APA, leans more on his personal biases and prejudices than on reality.

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