Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Will Only Pork Be Left??

Cruising thru the local Kroger's last night for milk and orange juice, I noticed whole chickens on sale for .25 per pound. Since this was a discount of 75% or better, I grabbed a couple. As I was loading the chickens into my cart, a lady came up and said, "I'll take a couple too. I'm not afraid." Avian flu. She believed the chickens were on sale due to avian flu. Maybe so.

If avian flu is driving down the price of chicken, why hasn't mad cow disease driven down the price of beef? Maybe people aren't afraid of going insane and dying. But I digress.

With avian flu much fowl will be unfit for consumption, mad cow disease may do the same to beef. Fish and other seafood commonly has high levels of mercury that limit the amount that can be safely consumed unless you wish to become like the Mad Hatter.

What's left? Pork. This would be a major blow to the Jewish and Muslim religions. How would they reconcile their religious beliefs and the fact that the most readily available source of protein is a forbidden food. Will millions of Jews and Muslims starve or suffer from malnourishment?

Let us hope that we all prepared to handle this emergency. Remember, the federal government will help but mostly when it is too late. :-)

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