Saturday, October 15, 2005



Just thought I'd post a couple of pictures I like but with a little message.

This is the Roebling Bridge, commonly called the Suspension Bridge in Cincinnati, Ohio. My son calls it the Singing Bridge because of the singing sound car tires make as they drive across the metal grate road surface on the bridge.
Begun in 1856 and officially opened New Year’s day 1867, the bridge had the longest suspension span in the world - 1,057 feet - and was the forerunner of their Brooklyn Bridge.
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John A. Roebling designed and built the Brooklyn Bridge after he built this one. Roebling actually died before the Brooklyn Bridge was completed.

The little message here is that Al Roker taped a "Today Show" segment in Cincinnati. During the show Roker identified the bridge as a "replica" of the Brooklyn Bridge.
Roker later misidentified the Roebling Suspension Bridge, calling it a "replica" of the Brooklyn Bridge. The Ohio River span, built during the Civil War, actually was the prototype for the New York bridge that opened 17 years later, in 1883.
No real big message except another, albeit relatively minor, example of how the media fails to get the facts straight.

Union Terminal is just west of Downtown Cincinnati. I can easily see it from the windows of my office building. During WW II many soldiers, including my father, boarded trains here to go serve in the military. It now contains a Omnimax Theater, Natural History & Science, Cincinnati History and Cincinnati Historical Society Museums.

While taking an Art History class in college at the University of Tennessee, we studied Union Terminal. It is considered by art historians to be a world class work of art. The interior is more stunning than the exterior. For anyone visiting Cincinnati this is a must see.

Looks like the Hall of the Justice League.

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