Monday, October 24, 2005


Serpentine Mound


Above left: A view of Serpentine Mound from a 30 foot viewing tower. The mound is about one quarter of a mile long.
Above right: The coiled tail of Serpentine Mound.

This past weekend, I camped with my son's Scout troop at Serpentine Mound in Adams County, Ohio. This is a mound made by the Fort Ancient Indians about one thousand years ago. The mound is not a burial mound although there are some burial mounds in the area. Mostly the mound is a mystery. No one knows what the purpose of the mound was or what it symbolized. This is one of the most unique mounds in the United States. If you are traveling across the south-central portion of Ohio this mound is near Peebles, Ohio, less than 10 miles off of Hwy. 32.

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