Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Woman Kills Boyfriend in Ohio Despite Proctective Order

From Middletown, OH:

Woman kills her boyfriend and pays boys to help here hide the body.

"Jarnigan (the victim - added) filed for a civil protective order in Butler County Domestic Relations Court. The order to keep Romano away from him was dismissed at a hearing five days later."

I wonder if she'll claim she was abused. That's the easy way for a woman to get away with murder.

In 1995, Gov. Brereton Jones of Kentucky granted clemency to 13 women who were in prison for killing or fighting back against their abusive spouses, fathers, boyfriends, etc. Like your typical courageous politician, Gov. Jones did this on his last day in office. In some of the cases, I must agree that this was the right thing to do. But, as I remember, one woman, in Louisville, had hired hitman to kill her husband (who was a policeman) and abuse wasn't alleged until after she had been convicted. Another woman in Flemng County had shot her estranged husband in the back through a closed door while he walked to his car.

Abuse alleged in the past but no evidence whatsoever. Where is the cut-off point that indicates the abuse warrants justifiable homicide? My mother spanked her six children with a long wooden spoon. Once she spanked my sister so hard with a hair brush that bruch broke.

I worked at a small Kentucky newspaper at the time and remember the clemencies well. Try finding news stories in the WWW about it now. The full truth doesn't fit with the liberal agenda.

Governor Celeste of Ohio had earlier taken similiar action when he, bravely, left office in 1990. In California, women prisoners have their own website to garner sympathy and support. How could a woman actually do something BAD? Remember, all women are victims and any illegal acts they commit stem from their having been victimized.

Some see overturning the judgement of the courts and a jury of your peers as a good thing.

This is the "Knight in Shining Armor" syndrome. Honorable men must rescue the fair maidens in distress, even if they aren't in distress and even if they are causing the distress. It's ironic that the feminists appeal to the medival values of men to attain their goals.

Men make up about 75% of all murder victims and the overwhelming majority of victims of violent crime. This needs and deserves more attention.

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