Saturday, September 24, 2005


Psychologist Comes to Lynndie's Defense

Xavier Amador, Phd. has come to Lynndie's defense, says Lynndie is "like a little kid."

Amador, who has his own website, has extensive media experience and has published several books. I wonder is he has spoken to Lynndie given this regarding the Unabomber: -"Amador, who never met Kaczynski at all, based his judgment on the "delusional beliefs" he detected in Kaczynski's writing."

My father is a clinical psychologist and I grew up knowing many psychologists. During the 1980's, I worked for approximately 5 years at one of the most reputable mental health centers in Tennessee. I view everything mental health professionals say with a jaundiced eye.

Psychology is a very inexact science. In general the people I worked with at the mental health center were the craziest bunch of people I ever worked with in any setting. Lots of agendas, personal issues, etc.

I am something of a health/fitness freak, much more so when I worked at the mental health center. My favorite activity at that time was whitewater kayaking. One of the other workers who smoked two packs of Pall Malls a day constantly told me that I was at greater risk of dying than he. His reasoning was that I participated in a high risk activity. A heart attack at age 43 followed by a double by pass, shut him up.

I've worked in health clubs, at a newspaper, nursing home, and now work as a computer programmer. No where was the staff nearly as crazy as that at the mental health center. Additionally, they could weave a great sounding rationalization to support nearly anything.

attorneys use "the defendant isn't responsible for her/his actions" defense whenever there is no real defense. The result can be that responsible people get away with crimes they shouldn't.

Let's treat adults as adults. Poor, poor, Lynndie. Couldn't say "No" to her boyfriend.

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