Thursday, September 08, 2005


Liberals Use Pain and Suffering of Victims To Score Points

The catastrophe in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast surpasses any disaster within the United States since the Great San Francisco earthquake. Resulting deaths from the earthquake totaled approximately 3,000 persons. The toll in New Orleans may reach higher than 20,000. The lack of preparedness by government officials, agencies and many private individuals on all levels astounds many of us. How quickly others began to politicize and make racial issues regarding the disaster also astounds many of us.

Who wants to really profit from the pain and suffering of the victims of this disaster. Sure, shysters will be working their scams. Various companies and individuals hope to gain some windfall profits by providing needed legitimate services and products. But the ones really trying to gain from the pain and suffering are the liberals.

On Air America, Ed Schultz complained that George Bush's speech wasn't inspirational enough. You can't eat and drink inspiration. Randi Rhodes claimed the levees failed because of funding cutbacks. Meanwhile, conservative talkshow host, Sean Hannity, worked to raise aid for the victims of the storm. Those levees weren't designed to handle a class 4 or 5 hurricane. The levees have actually heavily contributed to the loss of wetlands that provide natural protcection for New Orleans thereby making a natural disaster, such as the one we now see, more likely.

The liberals are so desperate to score point they've taken to criticicism of Barbara Bush, the president's mother. You better watch your words because a liberal may be close by to crucify you.

I wonder how the race baiters such as Howard Dean, Jesse Jackson and Al "Speedy" Sharpton explian the lack of aid to St. Bernard and Plaquemines parishes. St. Bernard is over 88% white and Plaquemines is about 70% white. Howard Dean made the brilliant observation, "We have to come to terms with the ugly truth that skin color, age and economics played a significant role in who survived and who did not." Age and economics always makes a difference in who survives natural disasters. People from puberty to middle age tend to be stronger and healthier and thus survive. Part of Darwin's theory of evolution that the libs love so much. Too bad they can't accept it. People of higher economic levels generally have more resources, therefore they survive more often. Amazing. Do you think that the reason that most of the victims in New Orleans are black is because over 67% of the population there is black? Maybe.

Howard Dean belongs to the rich, white, powerful class that he so love to criticize. Mr. Dean "said he once considered East Hampton his "first home.""

From the December 28, 2003, New York Times regarding Mr. Dean:

All told, for instance, Dr. Dean's parents have given him and his family nearly $1 million in cash gifts over the last two decades, including a single gift of $200,000 in the early 1980's. And his wife's parents gave the couple $60,000 in 1985 to help them pay $161,700 in cash for the family's house on Burlington's south side, freeing the couple from monthly mortgage payments.
The Deans have amassed a nest egg of about $4 million, not including the value of their house, despite an annual income that has never exceeded $170,000. Some of it is in land — nearly $700,000 worth, plus the Burlington residence — but the remaining $3.24 million is in cash, bonds and a handful of conservative stocks.

Revs. Jesse and Al have made their accustomed appearances and comments that contain the repeated, absurb, schizophrenic comments that no rational person gives them any weight. Both probably rode home in chauffeur driven cars to contemplate the plight of the poor. Al doesn't even have to speed. He has someone to do it for him.

Don't remember hearing Dean, Jackson, Sharpton or any other liberal weenie talking about how New Orleans, or any where else, needed to be better prepared, etc. before Katrina.


Survival is first and most of all an individual's responsibility. It seems that our society, perhaps due to liberal ranting that the government ought to take care of you in every situation, we have come to expect the government to care for us, rescue us, provide for us, etc. no matter what we do.

I once was a rather skilled whitewater kayaker.
the primary rules of whitewater paddling include:
  • use good judgement and don't get yourself into a situation that you can't get yourself out of. (Leave town when a Category 4/5 hurricane is threatening or at least seek adequate shelter.)
  • Self rescue is the best rescue. No one else is endangered. To do this you must be prepared. In kayaking it meant knowing the Eskimo roll and other techniques. In natural disasters it means having supplies, shelter, etc., especially if you didn't follow rule number 1.

    Government response at all levels was grossly inadequate but more and more this seems to have been more at the local and state level than the federal level.

    Are you going to trust the government, at any level, to save you life when you could do much better yourself? What are you going to do when the New Madrid Fault or San Andreas Fault lets loose? Be prepared, it may mean your, and your family's life.

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