Thursday, September 22, 2005


How Bad Is It? Gas Price Fixing

Bill Cunningham, conservative talk show host on WLW in Cincinnati, is calling on the Bush administration to sue the gas conglomerates for price fixing!!

Bill Cunningham is an attorney turned talk show host and a very intelligent man. Bill is on a first name basis with Newt Gingrich and other national Republican big wigs. The phrase "You're a great American." frequently heard on The Sean Hannity Show was coined by Bill. Bill gave Sean permission to use it.

When Bill says the free market isn't working and the oil companies need to be sued, believe it. He is no liberal flunky.


'Cause when all of us who'd be considered 'liberal flunkies' say that the gas companies are out of line, we's just playin'. No need to pay us no mind.

But I'll take cheap gasoline any way I can get it, so: Preach on!
I'm not sure you're so liberal. But when you keep screaming the same thing over and over, "Rich bad, big companies bad" people tend to quit paying attention.

My liberal parents' most frequent accusation about a Republican candidate at any level is he/she is rich.

Wasn't John Kerry rich? Aren't the Kennedy's rich?

Proctor & Gamble, right here in Cincinnati, is the largest consumer goods company in the world. Carl Linder, billionnaire owner of the Cincinnati Reds, the infamous Marge Schott, late owner of the Cincinnati Reds, and many other rich people have a list of philanthropic activities and gifts so long it makes you marvel.

Any person or company can be good or bad regardless of wealth and success. Carl Linder started out selling ice cream on street corners as a child. As with most millionaires in this country, he started with nothing. Not like Kerry, the Kennedys and Howard Dean who married into wealth, inherited it or received large gifts from their parents.
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