Thursday, September 29, 2005


Excellent Men's Issues Site

Cathy Young (her site here) has done quite a bit of writing concerning issues facing men and women. Her grasp of true science vs junk science is clear in her writings. She writes regularly for the Boston Globe and Reason. Highly recommended reading for all.

Part of the intro to her site:
I write on a wide variety of topics, from gender issues to academic politics to the debate over religion and secularism in America to the struggle for democracy and the Communist legacy in Russia. One of my goals in my writing is to cut through left/right stereotypes and focus on the issues from an independent perspective. My politics can be described as libertarian/conservative -- leaning more libertarian on some issues and more conservative on others.

I am a strong believer in individual rights and limited government. I believe in judging people as individuals, not on the basis of membership in a group. I believe that reality trumps ideology, left or right. I believe Western democracy, flawed through it is, is worth defending. Perhaps most important, I believe that it should be possible for honest and intelligent people to disagree on political issues and respect each other.

Available articles at her site include:

God Talk (January 2001)
The First Amendment vs. freedom of speech.

Where the Boys Are (February 2001)
Is America shortchanging male children?

The Mommy Wars (July 2000)
Why feminists and conservatives just don't get modern motherhood

The Man Question (March 2000)
Reviews of Stiffed: The Betrayal of the American Male, by Susan Faludi, and Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say, by Warren Farrell
Reason, March 2000

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