Tuesday, August 30, 2005


George Bush Sleeping Away the Presidency!!!

Recently, I came upon knowledge that George W. Bush is wasting away much of his time as president of this fine country. Liberals commonly complain that Georgie wastes much time vacationing at his ranch in Crawford, Texas, as if this is really vacation.

I reviewing various news reports, some dating as far back as the 2000 presidential campaign, I have discovered that George W. Bush prefers to go to bed at 9:30 PM and sleep at least until 6:00 AM, a total of 8.5 hours per night!! Mr. Bush will also take a short nap most afternoons. (I'll let you search for the articles. You've been too lazily lately.)

Assuming that the naps take a half hour, George W. Bush spends 9 hours a day dead to the world, unconscious of anything happening in the universe. This is 37.5% of the day. During his 8 year presidency, George W. Bush will have slept 26298 hours. Twenty six thousand two hundred ninety eight hours equals slightly over one thousand ninety five days, nearly three years.

Such behavior and lack of vigilance stands unacceptable in the leader of the free world. How can George W. Bush expect to perform at the high level needed as president of this great land? Slacker.

On the other hand, getting this much sleep may not be such a bad idea.

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