Friday, August 19, 2005

Gender Reltated Items

Michael Buerk in England laments about the decline of males in the workplace.

He gets the typical, condescending response from a woman.

The TimesOnline has a special section for women but not men.

A woman in the female dominated environment of acacemia moans about sexism which she can't concretely identify but must in a secret conspriracy somewhere. She gets little sympathy and derserves none.

Check out the websites for organizations such as the ones below, your state government, the federal government (including your Senators and Representives) and whatever other social, political organizations you can find. Count how many have a program/advocacy group/section/whatever on women/gays/bisexuals/minorities/etc. vs how many have a program/advocacy group/etc. for men. The answer will be a whole bunch to zero or nearly zero.
American Psychiatric Association
American Psychological Association
National Association of Social Workers
American Bar Association which urges "law schools and law firms to refrain from discriminating against women." Given that women currently out number men in law school maybe this should be re-worded.

I fear for my sons. My daughers have it made.

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