Friday, July 01, 2005


Tom Cruise Does Have a Point

During his anti-medication rant, Tom Cruise's message was lost due to his "eccentric" style. (Eccentric means whacko.) American society probably has the highest level of legal mood altering drug use in history. The number of children taking psychotropic medications is extremely high.


DAN BURTON (R-IN): "There has been over a 500 percent increase in the use of Ritalin in the United States since 1990. It's estimated that 4 to 6 million children in the United States take Ritalin every single day." Congressional Testimony

About six years ago, I was involved in circumstances in which my ex-wife, a social worker and a child psychiatrist wanted my 6 year old son to take Zoloft because he was having behavior problems. I strongly objected because he only had problems when with her, i.e. situation specific misbehavior; Zoloft had not been approved for use with children by the FDA; and in every other setting my son behaved and performed superbly. He was and still is an honor student who has never misbehaved at school. An good athlete and extremely gregarious.

The psychiatrist and social worker persisted because they were the "experts;" there must be some sort of mental illness; children were given Zoloft all the time; and the psychiatrist's son took medication so it would be OK for mine. Although my son ending up having to take some Zoloft for a 2-3 months I was able to get the medication stopped and the social worker halted from treating my son due to ethical violations on her part.

Do not forget that psychiatrist, social workers and other mental health professionals can be just as whacky as the rest of us. Here is an example. I wouldn't want him treating my children.

It appears that no one is exempt from the threat of overmedication.

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