Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Does Hanes Think Whites Are More Racially Tolerant Than Blacks

Tonight I saw a Hanes underwear commercial Damon Wayans. Watching the commercial, I had two thoughts: 1) Damon Wayans, a black man, replaced Michael Jordan, also a black man. Duh. 2) Since whites make up the overwhelming majoritiy of underwear purchasers in the USA, Hanes must believe that a black spokesperson will appeal to whites as well as blacks.

The commercial ran during "Myth Busters" which in no way appears to be aimed at a "black" market. Knowing that corporations spend millions on marketing research, marketing and advertising, Hanes must feel confident whites customers will not be alienated and will be attracted to their product by a black spokesperson, given the spokesperson is not radical, racially charges figure such as Al Sharpton.

I wonder if any white spokesperson would appeal to the black population as strongly as Damon Wayons appeals to the white population. Apparently, someone approving Hanes commercials thinks not. This is OK by me, but seems to be telling as to the willingness of certain racial groups to accept persons from other racial groups.

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